Monday, 20 July 2009

Forgetting to be thankful ...

I didn't quite forget last week ... I just looked at it and couldn't be bothered. I'd be eternally grateful if I could be bothered about things in general more often.

So right now I'm grateful that the day is over. I'm grateful that Erin sent me such lovely photos of Hannah and Sophie that I can nearly forget that I'm not there. I'm grateful that my parents miss me if we don't talk for a week. I'm grateful that my lovely high school friend cooked an amazing brunch for the girls and I on Saturday. I'm grateful that I finally have an excuse to go to Legoland (on my half-birthday no less!). I'm grateful that I thought of something for a friend that she considered to be "a lovely idea". I'm grateful for the beautiful writing of John Steinbeck.

I'm grateful for the knowledge that so much love exists in my life & the lives of my friends in so many different ways. It may not always be the variety I'm yearning for at the time, but it's always there. Not everyone has that luxury.


Libby said...

Hi Liz, Just rediscovered your blog - my feed hadn't updated in ages for some reason. Lovely to read all that you are thankful for.
Hope you are well.

lizzie said...

Thanks Lib.

It's funny that Sophie (as in your sister-in-law) had a related blog the other day!

Sometime it just really is nice to take a moment to appreciate the good things in life ...

I'm loving keeping up to date with the Lovells on your blog. It just makes everyone seem a little closer!