Friday, 4 January 2013

...and start as you mean to go on.

2012 was full of some amazing experiences, but somehow I've found myself extremely glad that it's over. 

That said, I waved it goodbye and welcomed in 2013 with the things that make me happiest - friends and food.

The hostess with the mostest Christine and her glamorous assistant came up with a fabulous plan to throw a casual 10 course dinner party for 10 (as you do) and I, weak at the knees at the thought of having a captive audience to bake for, declared that I was in charge of puddings.

Our inspiration was an incredible weekend in Paris which included a traditional French Sunday lunch - lots of courses eaten slowly over the afternoon and into the evening. I had visions of  mountains of sweet treats filling the table, surrounded by our friends, wide-eyed as children on Christmas morning. There would be so many options no one could decided where to start, but by the time the evening was over, all that would be left was a few crumbs and some very full bellies.

Shortly after that, I decided I should be a little more practical. It would be ok if I made something that some of the people had tried before. It would be sensible to do something a little simple. Sanity would require some dishes that could be prepped beforehand.

And so with much to-ing and fro-ing; some improvisation; a last minute additional guest or two; an early morning delivery laden with with bags full of everything from  ramekins to edible star glitter; a couple of hard-working glamorous assistants of my own; being rudely interrupted by the arrival of 2013; and letting go of that one dish that just didn't work out quite right, one little dream of mine came true.

And then there were the after dinner biscuits which were the surprise hit of the night.

The evening (and the five mouth-watering savoury courses) is written about here (otherwise known as the blog I send to my parents to let them know what I've been up to) in a way which will make you feel (and wish) you were there. 

And honestly, you totally should wish you were there.
Photo c/o little swallow : china doll

In a nutshell:
- Apple & Blackcurrant Gingernut crumble
- Strawberry Tarts with balsamic honey glaze (these stayed in the kitchen where they belonged!
- Chocolate absinthe cake-y star things with Cointreau cream
- Lemon Posset
- Salted caramel chocolate meringue
- Cashew butter balls

Oh yes.

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