Monday, 14 December 2009

And so this is Christmas ...

Forget the first present (It was a haircut ... the sort that makes the hairdresser go "you're so brave" and the same sort that just days later seems like it's been that way forever.)

other presents are just wee things that I won't be able to list in a few months.

But yesterday my Christmas really did come early. Well, technically 'it' is coming in 10 months (ha! That's got you wondering) and I can't remember when I was last this excited.


I was going to drag it out longer, but frankly it's just way too exciting.

Sure, I can't wait to see Ern & Ads, but c'mon ... it's all about those
gorgeous girls!

Hannah will be 3 (I might even get to make birthday cupcakes and cookies!) and Sophie will be starting to toddle. I'm going to make up for every second of their lives I've missed so far.

There'll be EuroDisney and Legoland and Hamleys and every other childhood treat that England, nay Europe has to offer. Every place I've ever wanted an excuse to go to will be visited. Every little treat that that they want will be theirs. If it's one of those things that I'd never ever buy for my children - then onto the credit card it goes! (I'm not their parent - I can spoil them rotten and get away with it!).

I'll be in my element and loving every minute.

Oh yeah, they're coming over because that when Nick & Cat are getting married. Did I forget to mention they got engaged this weekend?

Can. Not. Wait.


Erin said...

We cant either. Adam is spending every spare second looking at flights, car hire, Eurostar (because if we're coming all that way Paris is a MUST!), passports, and anything else you can think of. I am freaking out about how we're going to do it! (typical) Wow.

Erin said...

Oops, have to point out my tpo - cant should be can't!

Erin said...

Shocking - can't even type typo properly!!! I'm tired....
Hmm, perhaps the best part of our trip will be all the babysitting you've missed out on so far :)

Libby said...

How exciting! For both sides!