Friday, 18 September 2009

I love youse

Well I'm obviously quite thankful for my friends both near and far ... as I may have mentioned to a couple of them last night via text whilst ever so slightly intoxicated.

I love the fact that every drunken text I send makes reference to the fact that I've had a few ... as if the middle of the night "I love youse" wasn't enough of a clue. It's like I feel a need to point out that I'm not in my normal completely coherent state. Which would suggest that I don't tell my friends and family that I love them on a regular basis and that somehow I'm uncomfortable with the idea ... unless I'm feeling a little tipsy that is.

I'm thankful for my friends, my family and all the love in my life. I'm thankful that I don't often use the word 'love' willy-nilly. Sure, I've been known to claim I LOVE Borough Market Brownies. I may have even claimed that I'd commit crimes just to get my hands on them. But I think it's generally understood that my feelings towards those heaven-sent rectangles of goodness don't really effect me the same way the memory of first holding my baby cousin does.

I think about it every time I write the word 'love' to someone. I don't want it to be a throwaway word that I use on all acquaintances I think of favourably. I want to use it at the bottom of an email, text or letter the way it was meant - I send this to you with my love. I say it at the end of every phone conversation I have with my parents and it may sometimes seem hurried and without thought. That's only because I need to make sure I say it every time, so they remember how I feel every second of every day - I love you.

I may find it easy to type. It may just trip off the tongue as though it means nothing of much importance. Take it as you wish, it's not meant lightly.

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