Sunday, 13 September 2009


I fulfilled a medium term dream last weekend and finally took myself to Legoland. Ok, so it wasn't Carlsbad ... but Windsor is just as glamorous!

Lee was showing his baby #1 Emma (She's the pink one in the pics below - the ACTUAL baby behind the wheel is his 3 month old Ben!) as part of the 'Amazing Machines' exhibition, so not only did I go to Legoland, but I got in for free (no £36 ticket for me!) and I got to wear an 'Exhibitor' pass which made me look ultra important.

Now it's difficult to name a highlight ... it's not that I didn't have a great day. It's not like I haven't been excited about this for AGES. And I'd agree that studying the park map and checking out the restrictions on all the rides in advance shows quite an impressive level of enthusiasm. It's just that it was just one of those fun days in general...
First there was the run for the train (and you know I don't run, especially where public transport is involved). Then there was the mystery of where to get the shuttle bus. Then there were the little kids staring at me bemused, because they couldn't quite work out what I was doing on the bus. Then there was the collecting of the pass, the admiring of Emma, the admiring (slightly les of course) of the other Caterhams and the admiring (less again) of the corvettes. Oh, and the first time anyone's ever said to me "watch out for that fire engine". Then we met Karen and Ben and entered the park through the exit, which is always tres cool. And then we wandered. Actually, we went to find somewhere to eat which was surprisingly decent food and not heart-stoppingly expensive.

The came the Magic Kingdom ... or something like that. I think I only went on one ride. Fairy Brook can safely be called 'fun for all ages' ... it reminded me of "It's a small world" (which I dragged my parents on 6 times just 23 years ago) but without the annoying music on nauseating repeat.

And did I mention that my office doesn't exist in Legoland? No wonder I love the place!

It's good clean fun. It's a day hanging out with friends and their gorgeous kid (who cares if he slept the whole time?!). It's something I'm unlikley to do again without a screaming kid or two hanging off me. It's another thing ticked off my list. And that makes me happy.

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