Monday, 19 October 2009

Happiness is ...

1. Walking through the mist as the sun rises behind Tower Bridge.
2. A good and proper hug
3. This post - not just because it's about Where the Wild Things Are and eating
4. An unexpected letter or postcard (though expected things are good too!)
5. Arriving home
6. That song that you simply have to dance around the house to
7. Watching my friends learn how to be parents
8. Pulling all my winter clothes out and discovering new clothes (that I've owned for 5 years)
9. Sitting on my old bedroom windowsill watching the sun set over the gorge.
10. Sobbing loudly and uncontrollably through a film (at home of course!)
11. Being woken up by someone singing "Good Morning"
12. A perfect still warm, but slightly underbaked cookie
13. The number 13

Inspired by the Here's to Happiness project

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